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Indrek Saar / Urmas Klaas / Oleg Pissarenko

Dear performers, guests and organisers of IDeeJazz!


I am glad to welcome and congratulate all the participants in the jazz festival and residents of the festival cities on the occasion of a world-class music event! This initiative is certain to render our cultural life more diverse, exciting and attractive. I am especially glad that it was chosen to hold the festival in two beautiful Estonian cities – Tartu and Narva, where people are sure to appreciate good music. I am certain that the idea to have the festival not only in Tartu, but also in Narva provides an opportunity to insert two important places in Estonia simultaneously to the cultural map of the world.

The festival brings to its stages top international jazz artists and highly acclaimed musicians from Estonia, providing an opportunity to take part in a high quality event that would make every European city proud. I hope that the cities themselves, too, will surprise and inspire you: Narva with its unique milieu and Tartu with its spirit and boundary-transcending warmth. Surely the festival will be visited by guests from further away, both from Estonia and abroad.

I wish the organisers a great success and hope that this initiative leads to a thrilling tradition of bringing together listeners and musicians that receives a warm welcome from the audiences.

Wishing you all an inspiring musical experience,

Indrek Saar
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia

Tartu > Welcome words
Indrek Saar / Urmas Klaas / Oleg Pissarenko

Dear jazz fans from near and far!


Thousands of cities all over the world attract visitors for their own various reasons. Very few cities have nothing or no one to be proud of. There is always something, whether it be the tiny town of Alton in the United States where Miles Davis was born, or a certain little town visited and known all over the world for a certain leaning tower, or a harbour town on the Baltic Sea that was the birthplace of a world-renowned Nobel Prize laureate.

Especially proud and fortunate, however, are the cities that have leaning houses as well as world-famous people measuring and transforming the world; cities that have hosted Nobel Prize laureates, kings and bearers of divine messages. Tartu is such a city and the special reason for visiting us is provided by our events, our people and our cozy urban milieu. Likewise IDeeJazz – a globally established musical celebration held in Tartu for the seventh time. The festival is one of the reasons why people look up Tartu on the world map and come to find an autumn-coloured home of jazz.

I am more than certain that our current festival guests, hailing from Copenhagen to the Sahara Desert, Rapla to the United States, Warsaw to Rotterdam will deliver the listeners a year’s worth of joy and musical adrenaline. The city of good jazz sounds gives birth to good thoughts.

Seize the jazz and Tartu!

Urmas Klaas
Mayor of Tartu

Tartu > Welcome words
Indrek Saar / Urmas Klaas / Oleg Pissarenko

Dear friends!


Both in my professional and private life, I have become closely tied with two very different Estonian cities – Tartu and Narva. The latter is my birthplace and the former I’ve been considering my home for the last 12 years already.

I am proud that besides my own creative work and performing, I’ve had the honour and opportunity of contributing to the development of cultural life in both cities. I am organising a series of jazz concerts in the Estonian National Museum and Narva College, and now, in the 7th year of the festival, I wish to thrust both cities onto the global map of music culture with the help of a prominent international festival. I have always wanted to do something big and beautiful for Tartu and Narva, and I believe that IDeeJazz 2017 is one of such initiatives.

Music connects people through joy and perception of common human values. For this reason, we have put together this particular program that enables people of both festival cities and their guests to experience superior musical moments with top artists from different continents. I wish that the energy charge generated in world-class performances would not be limited to listeners in Paris, New York or Berlin, but would also reach the audiences of two Estonian cities in November!

Welcome to IDeeJazz!

Oleg Pissarenko
Chief organiser of IDeeJazz

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