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IDeeJazz 2017 @Narva ticket information

Where & when

Tickets for the 7th IDeeJazz festival are available at the Piletilevi website and their vendors all over Estonia.


We are offering tickets for single concerts and also festival passes that enable you to attend all the concerts of IDeeJazz @Narva at a bargain price.


Until the 8th of October, all tickets are sold at reduced prices! The prices of regular and discount tickets can be found on the artist pages and Piletilevi website.

Big stars,
small halls!

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Narva venue locations

UT Narva College

Raekoja plats 2, Narva

The Narva College of the world-class University of Tartu strikes with its daring and contemporary architectural solution. Being the first public building in the Baltic states composed of organic materials, the college is a signpost to the future. Intellectually, too – Narva College offers higher education with the quality guarantee of UT, preserves and develops academic traditions in northeastern Estonia and contributes to the integration of Estonian society. The IDeeJazz concerts take place in the stylish and spacious college foyer, which also hosts the Narva Jazz Club around the year. The festival also features a club concert in the cafe “Muna”, located on the 1st floor of the building.

Find on map:

UT Narva College
Raekoja plats 2, Narva

Narva Art Residency

Joala 18, Kreenholm district, Narva

Located in the Kreenholm district rich in cultural and architectural heritage, Narva Art Residency is a meeting place, multifunctional creative house promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and intercultural synergy, cultural centre and educational institution. The building of Narva Art Residency is a historicist villa that was built in the end of the 19th century as a residence for John Carr, technical director of the Kreenholm textile plant. The damaged building was reconstructed after the Second World War and subsequently used as a cultural centre and library. The IDeeJazz concerts take place in the auditorium on the 2nd floor.

Find on map:

Narva Art Residency
Joala 18, Narva

Narva Castle

Peterburi maantee 2, Narva

Dating back more than 700 years, Narva Hermann Castle features a permanent exhibition introducing the history of Narva as well as a dozen of temporary exhibitions. The former knights’ grand meeting and dining hall with vaulted ceiling and a slightly smaller hall in the northern wing are used for concerts and conferences. The Tall Hermann tower, with its height of 51 metres, provides for great views of Narva and the Ivangorod fortress in Russia. The castle restaurant offers delicious options for dining. The IDeeJazz concert takes place in the Remter Hall, the largest hall in the castle.

Find on map:

Narva Castle
Peterburi maantee 2, Narva

Narva Joaoru Beach House
NB! There has been a change in venue: the EV100 special concert “The Path of Joy”  will take place in the Remter Hall of Narva Castle, not Joaoru Beach House.

Linnuse 2, Narva

A winner of several architectural prizes, Joaoru Beach House with its fantastic views is a superb location for music events. Interesting landscape, historical and political symbols add up to a modernly interpreted historical and natural environment. Two sides of the Beach House hall are composed of full-glass walls so that the views can be enjoyed with any kind of weather. For the IDeeJazz concert, the hall will be furnished with comfortable chairs and beanbags. Snacks and drinks will be provided by a pop-up cafe. Next to the hall, there is a nursery with a childcarer present, where children can be sent to play during the concert.

Find on map:

Joaoru Beach House
Linnuse 2, Narva

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Narva accommodation partners

Noorus SPA Hotel

L. Koidula 19d, Narva-Jõesuu
+372 356 7100

The modern Noorus SPA Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the seashore and combines contemporary architectural solutions, impeccable service, comfort and cosiness. The hotel complex includes the “Romantic Garden” a la carte restaurant with a view, stylish Noorus PUB, Three Apples SPA (one of the biggest spa centres in Estonia), wellness centre and conference halls.

Special offers

(in both hotels)

Festival pass holders receive a 20% discount from the online prices, applicable on presenting the pass.

Single concert ticket holders receive a 10% discount from the online prices, applicable on presenting the ticket.

Great room with any kind of weather!

Liivarand SPA Hotel

L. Koidula 21, Narva-Jõesuu
+372 356 7130

The cosy Liivarand SPA Hotel is ideal for family vacations and longer stays in the small resort town of Narva-Jõesuu, famous for the longest sandy beach in Estonia that runs for 7,5 kilometres along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The three star hotel is surrounded by pine forests and located 100 metres from the beach. The guests of Liivarand SPA Hotel have at their disposal 70 spacious rooms and a restaurant offering Italian cuisine.

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Narva catering partner

Cafe “Muna”

Raekoja plats 2, Narva
UT Narva College, 1st floor

+372 354 9665

Monday-Saturday 09.00 – 20.00
Sunday 11.00-18.00

During IDeeJazz events – Wednesday, November 8
and Friday, November 10 –
Cafe “Muna” will stay open
until the end of the late evening concerts.

This is the cafe where we all get to meet one day!

IDeeJazz recommends: good food with any kind of weather!

The cafe also provides catering on Thursday, November 9 at Narva Art Residency during the concerts taking place in the auditorium there.

Cafe “Muna” offers a nice a la carte menu and daily specials for a quick lunch on every workday. Its pastry section offers a selection of delicious cakes, desserts, salads, wraps, and sandwiches.

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Narva ID+
the afterparties

Art Club Ro – Ro

Jõe 3, Narva

Wednesday, November 8: Tam I Tut

Wednesday | 08.11 | 22:00
Entrance fee: 1st floor free, 2nd floor 5€
Art Club Ro-Ro, Jõe 3, Narva

Tam I Tut

The musical group “Tam I Tut” was born due to two creative poets – Eduard Bezfarmasinov and Anton Kolpakov. The band has operated in Narva for almost 10 years, having performed in Estonia as well as Russia. In 2009, the collective recorded a demo album with lyrics from the well-known poet Filimonov. You can listen to the album here:
Since 2014, the band has appeared at various events, including music festivals in Estonia (Manka Boutique, TMW, VDRUG, Territory). The musical style of the quintet can be summarised with keywords such as blues, reggae, rock, grunge and folk.
Watch and listen:

Thursday, November 9: Annee

Thursday | 09.11 | 22:00
Entrance fee: 1st floor free, 2nd floor 5€
Art Club Ro Ro, Jõe 3, Narva


The first floor stage of Art Club Ro-Ro will be taken over by the heart and soul of this venue – ANNEE.

She is going to perform golden jazz favourites, contemporary blues songs, some rock ballads and also pop hits from late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Friday, November 10: Mad Meg

Friday | 10.11 | 23:00
Entrance fee: 1st floor free, 2nd floor 5€
Art Club Ro-Ro, Jõe 3, Narva

Mad Meg

The New York-based collective is going to perform their own original work. Mad Meg’s striking sound combines the influences of jazz, punk rock, post-punk, classic rock, Russian rock and French chansons. This international project was born 6 years ago and has since featured musicians from France, USA, Mexico, Austria, Puerto Rico as well as countries of the former Soviet Union.

The band is led by Ilja Popenko. Members: rock drummer Ruslan Sandõbek from Kazakhstan, Ylõ Baimurza and Berklee College graduate Jason Lane; bass: Igor Reznik, guitar: Daniil Veksler.


Saturday, November 11: Jordan Jackson and Friends / DJ Alex Creek

Saturday | 11.11 | 22:00
Entrance fee: 1st floor free, 2nd floor 7/10€
Art Club Ro-Ro, Jõe 3, Narva

Jordan Jackson and Friends

Kõlab jazzi, souli, popi, reggae ja veidi ka bluusi varjunditega muusika!

Music with shades of jazz, soul, pop, reggae as well as some blues! The London-based young, talented and charming English jazz singer Jordan Jackson will delight the audiences in Narva with a concert featuring Estonian musicians and unforgettable, rhythm-heavy songs.
This collaboration was initiated by Jordan herself; you can read more about her work at

Jordan Jackson and Friends – a party that should not be missed!

Watch and listen:

DJ Alex Creek

Excellent music and sounds until late into the night will be provided by DJ Alex Creek!

Styles: Dancefloor Jazz, Electronic Dub, Soul-Step, Future Garage, Downtempo, Deep Groove, Latin.

IDeeJazz @Narva