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IDeeJazz 2017 @Tartu ticket information

Where & when

Tickets for the 7th IDeeJazz festival will become available on September 8 at the Piletilevi website piletilevi.ee and their vendors all over Estonia.


We are offering tickets for single concerts and, as usual, festival passes that enable you to attend all the concerts of IDeeJazz @Tartu at a bargain price.


Until the 8th of October, all tickets are sold at reduced prices! The prices of regular and discount tickets can be found on the artist pages and Piletilevi website.

Big stars,
small halls!

Buy your tickets here:

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Tartu venue location

Eesti Rahva Muuseum

Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu

The Estonian National Museum in Raadi offers wide-ranging possibilities for staging a wonderful music event in November-time Estonia.

The concerts of IDeeJazz @Tartu take place in the Estonian National Museum’s Theatre Hall, Jakob Hurt Hall, cafe and also the extensive bridge area. Between the concerts, you can have a snack at the museum restaurant or cafe and visit various exhibitions.

The Estonian National Museum (ENM) in Raadi opened its doors on 1 October 2016. The beautiful and modern museum building erected on the former Raadi airfield is an architectural reflection of a long path from wider to narrower, symbolising the temporal journey from our contemporary times of which we have many memories back to our Stone Age past of which we know much less. It is a path that examines all the key historical stages in the course of a developing Estonian nation.

The home that was built for our nation and culture fulfils several tasks simultaneously. As a national museum, ENM is responsible for interpreting the Estonian identity, sustaining the main national values and preserving continuity. ENM also functions as an open and inclusive cultural and learning environment, offering exciting educational activities for all ages. The guests will enter a material as well as virtual world with a living culture that invites them to explore, acknowledge and participate in everything, thus bridging the gap between younger and older generations. ENM’s method of action is intercultural collaboration and dialogue.

Theatre Hall
The black box theatre, located in the B-wing of the ENM building and equipped with up-to-date sound, light and presentation technology, offers wide-ranging possibilities and suits perfectly for staging concerts. The Theatre Hall is the first modern hi-tech public room of its kind in Tartu, granting a greater freedom for artistic experimentation.

Jakob Hurt Hall
The 250-seat hall is located in the A-wing of the building and equipped with up-to-date technology. The wall of the hall is covered with the artwork “Käbi ja kännud” (literally “Cone and Stumps”, inspired by the Estonian version of the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”) – a giant tapestry that depicts ten tree trunks covered with the most common Estonian tree-related surnames along with given names. The Jakob Hurt Hall also hosts Tartu Jazz Club concerts around the year.

The rooms are warm and spacious –
good vibes with any kind of weather are guaranteed!

The Estonian National Museum is located at Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu.

See how to get there:

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Tartu accommodation partners

Hotel Lydia

Ülikooli 14, Tartu
+372 733 0377

With its historical setting and personal service, Hotel Lydia is an excellent stopover for business, conference and holiday travel. Lydia has altogether 70 rooms, a spa lounge offering various saunas and other means for relaxation, a fitness club, a lounge for business meetings and a hi-tech event centre. In addition, the hotel features another pearl – Restaurant Hõlm, which is mentioned among the best Nordic restaurants in the White Guide Nordic 2017 gastronomic guide.

Special offer

IDeeJazz’s accommodation partners in Tartu are Hotel Tartu and Hotel Lydia.

Both hotels offer festival pass holders a 10% discount from the online prices, applicable on presenting the pass.

Great room with any kind of weather!

Hotel Tartu

Soola 3, Tartu
+372 731 4300

Hotel Tartu is your best choice for friendly service, affordable prices and a comfortable hotel room situated in the very centre of Tartu. Standard rooms with classic interior design and recently completed spacious and convenient superior rooms are suitable for both business and holiday travellers. We have also opened an extensive sauna centre on the 5th floor of the new building, where you can conclude your day by enjoying the lovely views of the Emajõgi river while sitting in a sauna or jacuzzi.

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IDeeJazz 2017 @Tartu catering partner

ENM’s restaurant & cafe

Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu

The restaurant and cafe of the Estonian National Museum offer modern Estonian cuisine, putting emphasis on contemporary flavours as well as local Estonian produce, beauty, and quality of service.

Restaurant Pööripäev

Entrance from the A-door

Opening times:
Thursday-Sunday 12.00 – 18.00
Wednesday 12.00 – 20.00
During the festival opening times can be changed.

The restaurant focuses on maintaining, valuing and promoting contemporary Estonian eating customs.

Pop-up cafe

In addition, we will open a pop-up cafe “Tassike jazzi!” (“A Cup of Jazz!”) during the festival prior to the concerts taking place in Jakob Hurt Hall and the bridge area.

Great food with any kind of weather!

Cafe Pööriöö

Entrance from the B-door

Opening times during the festival:
Wednesday-Friday 10.00 – 21.00
Saturday 10.00 – 19.00
(Regular opening times: Tue-Sun 10.00-18.00, Wed 10.00-20.00)

Casual, cozy and culture-rich cafe complements the restaurant menu with fresh pastry.

IDeeJazz @Tartu