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First time in Estonia!

New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra


Wednesday, November 8
7 pm

Narva College foyer
Raekoja plats 2, Narva

8€ / 8.09 – 8.10
10€ / 9.10 – 8.11

New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra (NRJO) is a flexible orchestra with a unique small big band lineup. At IDeeJazz, the band will play original works composed for the Rotterdam Suite, which was inspired by the celebration of 75 years of rebuilding the city of Rotterdam after it was destroyed in WW II. NRJO will also play some new works composed specifically for bringing some light into the short dark November days in Estonia.

NRJO is an authentic ensemble that likes to break down musical barriers. Their compositions contain wild escapades, elegant mid-tempo pieces and ripping individual solos. The twelve-member group is always looking for inspirational musical challenges. The orchestra strives to ‘raise some hell for ourselves’. Their boundless energy has been heard in many projects for which they have had raving reviews in the Dutch media.

NRJO’s youngest project was a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed trio Phronesis, playing the extremely difficult music from the album “Behemoth” at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2017. The collective also joined Joshua Redman for an exuberating show during the Edison (Dutch Grammy) award ceremony in June.

Rob van de Wouw – trumpet
Angelo Verploegen – trumpet
Louk Boudesteijn – trombone
Efe Erdem – trombone
Frans Cornelissen – tuba
Bart Wirtz – alto sax/flute
Miguel Boelens – alto sax
Cyrille Oswald – tenor sax
Nils van Haften  – bassclarinet and/or baritone sax
Teis Semey – guitar
Johan Plomp – double bass
Jimmi Hueting – drums

Concert is supported by
Performing Arts Fund NL